Vision and Objectives

  • Vision : Realize the happiness of the people by improving air quality
  • Goal Greenhouse gas reduction to 840,000 tons by 2025.
  • Minimize greenhouse gas emission " • Improve production and supply efficiency. · Energy savings through integrated operation • Build an eco-friendly plant"
  • Implement Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project " · Domestic and overseas renewable businesses • Win-win greenhouse gas reduction projects (Support underdeveloped countries, SMEs, multi-family housing users) • Unutilized heat utilization project (National Heat Map)"
  • Strengthen the foundation for responding to climate change " · Establish and implement climate change response plan. • Spread low-carbon culture and strengthen response capability."
  • Research and development of low-carbon technologies " • CO, capture and carbon-resource convergence technology • Next-generation district heating platform • Energy saving technology (smart meter, etc.) for user facilities."

Establish carbon management system and certify eco-friendly organization (product)

Establish and upgrade carbon management system

  • Korea District Heating Corporation has established a carbon management system to cope with climate change and continues to upgrade through participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
  • CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is a global climate change program in which CDP, a non-profit organization based in the UK, evaluates the climate change response performance (response system and reduction performance) of major listed companies around the world and discloses the results to 800 financial institutions and investors. change response project

Domestic and international certification of eco-friendly organization (product)

  • Korea District Heating Corporation has obtained carbon certification at home and abroad to demonstrate the eco-friendly nature of its climate change response system and its production products (heat, electricity).
  • The Ministry of Environment obtained Environmental Product Declaration certification (18 branches) and low-carbon product (14 branches) certification for electrical and thermal products produced by Korea District Heating Corporation
Carbon Management Organization Certification (Carbon Trust Company), Low Carbon Certification (Ministry of Environment)