• 13. 스마트팜 Disabled persons Smart Farm to solve the social problems of young people with developmental disabilities

    Through the "Smart Farm" project, we are hiring young people with developmental disabilities who have nowhere to go after graduation as farm employees to provide them with a platform for self-reliance. 

  • WE Forest Environment WE Forest

    We continue to create forests in forest-damaged areas and foster nearby mountain villages as specialized villages to cope with the climate crisis and promote regional co-prosperity.

  • ESG 연계 아이스팩 재사용 사업 Environment ESG-linked Ice Pack Reuse Project

    In order to reduce carbon and create jobs, we are implementing an ice pack reuse project, which is an environmental pollution-causing product.

  • 연탄 없는 마을 리빙랩 Social consideration class Living Lab, a town without briquettes

    By recycling the solar facilities of the construction and converting the energy source of the energy-vulnerable class using briquettes into private solar power facilities, it induces energy independence.

  • 대국민 사회공헌사업 공모 Public participation Public Offering for Social Contribution Projects

    Through the social contribution project contest proposed by the people and implemented by themselves, we are solving the social problems that the people are experiencing together.

  • 1. 은총이와 함께하는 히어로레이스 Disabled persons Hero Race with Grace

    We support a donation marathon where many people can participate directly in order to subsidize the treatment of children with disabilities (including rare and incurable diseases) and to improve their awareness of disabilities.

  • 국가긴급재난 지원 Country Support in national emergency disasters (Corona 19, etc.)

    We are fulfilling our social responsibility as a public corporation through preemptive support for the local economy and the socially disadvantaged who are suffering from disasters such as Corona19.

  • 7. 사랑의 난방비 Social consideration class Heating cost of love

    As a representative social contribution project of Korea District Heating Corporation, it subsidizes the heating cost for the energy-vulnerable groups in the cold winter months. 

  • 8. 사랑의 치료비 Children Treatment cost of love

    By subsidizing the psychotherapy expense of victims who have experienced physical, mental, and sexual abuse, we support the healthy growth of children by reducing post-abuse symptoms.  

  • 따소미 에코스쿨 Children Warm Eco-school

    By sponsoring environmental education (group energy, climate change, etc.) for elementary school students, we contribute to fostering a future generation that can actively cope with the energy problem.