Environmental policy
Korea District Heating Corporation is a public corporation established by the Group Energy Business Act to save energy, improve the environment, and enhance the benefit of the people's lives through the efficient implementation of local heating and cooling projects. All employees of the Korea District Heating Corporation will do their best to implement the following environmental policies in order to implement eco-friendly business management.
Environmental policy
Environmental policy

Vision: Along with the people, eco-friendly energy leader who cultivates a happy world.

Policy 1 Improve the environment and save energy by expanding and distributing local cooling and heating businesses
Policy 2 Minimize pollutant emissions by identifying environmental impact in all processes, services, and activities
Policy 3 Establish and implement stricter in-house management standard as well as complying with environmental laws and regulations
Policy 4 Provide clean and safe heat supply and customer satisfaction service
Policy 5 Conduct an evaluation of the implementation of the environmental management system on a regular basis, and disclose it at the request of internal and external stakeholders.