Electricity business

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Electricity business
We operate cogeneration plants in Paju, Hwaseong, Dongtan, Gangnam, Pangyo, Gwanggyo, Suwon, Daegu, and Cheongju, which are major metropolitan cities, and contribute to stable, efficient energy supply using distributed power sources.

power generation business

With the completion of the 43MW Cogeneration Plant in Daegu and Suwon in 1997, there are a total of 2,424MW power plants as of the end of 2022 including 500MW or more and new and renewable energy facilities.

[Generator Capacity Trend]
Power generator capacity by branch office (MW)
  • Daegu : 44MW
  • Suwon : 43MW
  • Cheongju : 58MW
  • Hwasung : 512MW
  • Pangyo : 146MW
  • Paju : 516MW
  • Samsong : 99MW
  • Gwanggyo : 145MW
  • Dongtan : 757MW
  • Gwangju : 22MW
  • Others : 77MW

In particular, we are making efforts to reduce national energy consumption and improve the atmospheric environment by improving district heating facilities in Daegu, Cheongju, and Yangsan as high-efficiency eco-friendly cogeneration plants.

community electricity business

The company sells electricity directly to 53,000 households through 138MW of cogeneration facilities such as Goyang Samsong, southeastern sphere distribution complex, and Sangam 2 District, and accumulates stable business base and technology as the largest regional electricity operator in Korea.