Declaration of Disaster Reduction Policy

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Functional Continuity Planning Policy Declaration
Korea District Heating Corporation will strengthen its ability to respond to crises by establishing and operating a functional continuity plan to minimize damages in the event of a disaster and realize national happiness.

Ensuring business continuity for stable energy supply

With the recent increase in the number of disaster accidents, the importance of ensuring business continuity through corporate disaster mitigation activities is emphasized. As a disaster management agency with high sensitivity to work due to various disasters, our corporation is obliged to establish and implement the functional continuity plan as stipulated in the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management.
Therefore, our corporation intends to maintain functional continuity even if it is affected by disasters by establishing and operating a functional continuity plan as a core institution.

"Efforts for Establishing a Functional Continuity Plan"

"We hope that all executives and employees will continue to pay attention to the continuous development of the functional continuity plan. As the entity in charge of construction, we will provide all-out support for disaster mitigation activities and continue to review, improve, and conduct education and training to establish a functional continuity plan in our construction."""


Korea District Heating Corporation

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