Safety and Health Management Policy
Under the vision of "Eco-friendly Energy Leader to cultivate a happy world with the people," Korea District Heating Corporation sets "safety first consciousness and system reform" as its basic policy for safety and health management, and all executives and employees make the following efforts to create a safe, happy life:
  • First, we keep in mind that the safety and health of workers are a priority value in corporate management, establish and operate a global-level safety and health management system, periodically inspect and correct them, and continuously improve them.
  • Second, we will take the lead in preventing industrial accidents by fully complying with all laws and regulations related to safety and health and actively implementing safety and health activities such as eliminating harmful risks on-site through timely risk assessment and occasional safety inspections.
  • Third, we establish a win-win autonomous safety culture by recognizing workers and suppliers as partners in safety and health management and consulting on safety and health activities together through partnership in communication and cooperation.
  • Fourth, we protect workers' lives and people's property and fulfill our social responsibility as a public institution with the strong will and goal of "not allowing a single major accident!"


Korea District Heating Corporation

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