Combined heat and power plant

Unlike conventional power generation facilities that produce electricity only, electricity and heat are produced simultaneously to maximize energy utilization efficiency.

Peak load boiler

Producing the heat needed for district heating, the boiler consists of combustion device, ventilation system, water supply system, automatic control, and dust collector.

Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger for district heating produces hot water for district heating using the steam generated during the electricity production process of the cogeneration plant and steam produced by the heat-only boiler.

Thermal storage tank

As a facility that temporarily stores heat for district heating, it is used as an emergency heat source, maintaining the flexible operation of heat production facility and the appropriate pressure for the entire district heating piping by heating it at low heat demand and releasing it when necessary.

Heat transport pipe

As a pipe that carries heat from a heat production facility to a heat use facility, it has a supply pipe and a recovery pipe. It is used to prevent heat loss during transport.