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Research status
As the hub of research and development In the field of district Energy in Korea, our corporation has established the 4th mid- to long-term R&D plan in accordance with the role and function of the Future Development Institute to promote R&D and strive for direct growth.

Vitalization of R&D

  • Arrangement of R&D-related regulations
    • Revised R&D management regulations, implemented an in-house bidding system for research project implementers, and prepared the standard and guideline related to ordering research service, etc.
  • Strengthening the management of intellectual property rights
    • Established an evaluation system for the registration of intellectual property rights, promotes the registration of intellectual property rights by discovering valuable technologies among the technologies owned
  • Establishment of a network of district energy experts
    • Mutual exchange of technologies by signing agreements with the Korea Energy Economics Institute and the Korea Energy Technology Institute
    • Joined domestic and international societies and associations as a member to identify the status of new technologies in related fields and exchange information with experts (Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea (SAREK), Korea Institute of Plant Engineering & Construction, Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy, Korean Energy Society, Korean Society for Fluid Machinery, EuroHeat & Power, IEA-DHC, FFI, IDEA)
  • Strengthened R&D information and data sharing
    • Established a research management system
    • Improved the research material library operation

Annual Research Project Performance

Annual Research Project Performance
Year Project (cases) R&D investment amount (KRW 1 million)
2014 85 14,049
2015 95 12,598
2016 96 13,053
2017 109 13,726
2018 108 13,810
2019 112 14,374
2020 113 18,236
2021 143 16,609
2022 124 16,684
2023 94 12,728