KDHC Pipe Test Centre
In December 2019, KDHC opened Korea's first district heating (DH) Pipe Test Centre in the Future Development Institute. The KDHC Pipe Test Centre, which has 2-story and the total floor area of 580-square meter, is equipped with dedicated test equipment to measure key performance related to the quality and safety of DH pipes in three test rooms - analysis room, thermal performance laboratory, and a large laboratory - and has advanced its own research capabilities. In addition, we are performing our public role by opening the Centre to external organizations.

Purpose of establishment

  • (Systematic Lifetime Assessment) Systematic diagnosis and establishment of lifetime assessment infrastructure as the DH pipes for long-term use increase
  • (Standardization of the DH pipes) Development of technology and KS standardization for improving the quality of domestic DH pipes and internationalizing them
  • (Public Role) Open use of the Centre, such as performance testing, education, and technology sharing, for other DH operators and the DH pipe manufacturers
Heat Transport Pipe Performance Test Center Purpose of establishment
Heat Transport Pipe Performance Test Center : Korea District Heating Corp. Pipe Test Centre. KDHC + PTC
Systematic condition diagnosis and life assessment
Standardization of heat transport pipe technology
Public functions such as sharing the technology by opening the center

Major Facilities and Test Items

Major Test Equipment
Device name Pictures Device name Pictures
Accelerated aging device Thermal conductivity test
machine for PUR insulation
Axial shear strength test
machine for DH pipes
Soil stress test machine
Water tightness
test machine
Impact resistance
test machine
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  • (November 2016) Signing a MOU with RISE (former SP) in Sweden
  • (September 2017) Signing a MOU with Korea Conformity Laboratories
  • (August 2018) Start of Construction of the KDHC Pipe Test Centre
  • (December 2019) Installation of Dedicated Testing Equipment and Opening the Centre
  • (June 2022) Receiving the Technology Excellence Award in Materials and Fracture from the Korean Society of Mechanical
    Engineers (KSME) for “Development of Accelerated Aging Device for DH Pipes”
  • (November 2023) Signing a MOU with AGFW in Germany