Distributed Group Energy Platform

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Distributed Heat Network Platform
  • Increase the utilization of new and renewable energy to obtain energy from the surrounding environment By adjusting the energy quality according to your environment, Next-generation energy platform that transports/distributes energy to users appropriately
Distributed Heat Network Platform
Distributed Heat Network Platform Core Technology
Group Energy Facility
Distributed Group Energy Platform
Smart Thermal Grid
Urban/Distributed Energy Platform
New and renewable energy (electricity) : Fuel cell, Sun´s rays
New and renewable heat & unused heat
Heat Connection System
Digitalization and automation
Schematic diagram of demonstration facility for smart temperature substations
  • Development of Next-Generation Energy Platform Model
    • Smart Temperature substation, 4th Generation District Heating and District Heating ORC power generation
  • Demonstration of Heat Transfer Pipesin Low-Temperature District Heating
    • Flexible Heat Transport Pipe, Heat Transport Monitoring
  • Energy Diagnosis and Optimal Operation Using IoT
    • Room Monitoring and Control, Optimizing the Room Heating System
Smart Temperature substation
  1. District Heating Heat Source : Medium-temperature heat supply (115℃)
  2. District Heating User : Medium-temperature heat supply (115℃)
  3. Smart temperature substation : Bi-directional heat connection
    1. Heat Connection System
    2. Fuel cell power generation and heat supply
    3. Solar power generation
    4. District Heating ORC power generation
  4. Flexible Heat Transport Pipe : Heat energy supply (heating, cooling, and hot water)
  5. Korea District Heating Corporation's Future Development Institute


  • (December 2017) National R&D project, "Development of IoT convergence urban thermal network model linked to unused heat and regional heating" began research
  • (December 2020) Fuel cell operating normally (power sales and heat self-use)
  • (May 2022) Completion of national R&D tasks and utilization of K-test beds in training facilities