Greenhouse Gas Reduction Technology Test Center

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Demonstration Process of CO2 Collection and Carbon Resource Hybrid in Plant Exhaust Gas
Process steps image
  1. Urban power plant
  2. CO2 compact collection : High-efficiency gas Separation membrane process
  3. Mineral carbonation : High calcium, dry material
  4. Biological conversion : Health food, animal feed

About the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Technology Test Center

Power plant stack and CO2
supply unit

Compact CO2 separation
membrane collection process

Mineral Carbonation Process

Demonstration field plant of
10-ton microalgae

Microalgae photovoltaic
cultivation process

Prototype of microalgae and
antioxidant health food
in the harvest stage


  • (June 2015) Construction of a field microalgae light culture glass greenhouse through the Ministry of Industry's national R&D project "Proof of the high value-added product conversion process of carbon dioxide using microalgae"
  • (December 2019) The Ministry of Industry's national R&D project "Development of CO2 capture and carbon resource hybrid treatment process in exhaust gas" successfully installed and operated hybrid-linked process (gas separator + mineralization + microalgae) in Pangyo branch
  • (December 2021) The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's national R&D project "Development of Compact CO2 Collection Technology for Urban LNG Combustion Exhaust" to conduct field demonstration of 17 tons CO2 collection and liquefaction process for LNG power plants in the city
  • (November 2021) As a result of the final evaluation of the national R&D project by the Ministry of Industry, it was selected as an "excellent project" (for the first time in construction)
  • (December 2021) The Ministry of Science and Technology selected 10 representative technologies for responding to climate change and won the Ministerial Award