Safety management strategy map

Safety management strategy map


KDHC with safety and happiness together

CEO's Management Policy

Safety-first consciousness and system reform

Top 3 Strategy Directions

Reinforce the innovative safety system

Internalize the safety culture and restore public trust

Implement social responsibilities related to safety

Strategy tasks

  1. 01 Create a safe working environment focused on workers
  2. 02 Establish an advanced KDHC management system
  3. 03 Prevent heat transport pipe safety accident
  4. 04 Activate participatory safety training
  5. 05 Foster experts in the safety field
  6. 06 Restore trust through public relations activities tailored to the public
  7. 07 Strengthen partners' safety management
  8. 08 Expand the safety responsibility for the community
  9. 09 Establish a safety cooperation system for related agencies