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We will become a
warm and clean energy partner.

Thank you for visiting
the Korea District Heating
Corporation website.

Since its establishment in 1985 to save energy and improve the convenience of people's lives, Korea District Heating Corporation has established itself as a reliable energy partner for the people by safely providing eco-friendly and economical collective energy.

As Korea's largest integrated energy company, we will continue to stably supply clean and efficient energy such as district heating, district cooling, and electricity, and lead the future energy business by creating new energy markets through the development of highly competitive new technologies.

In addition, we will be reborn as a company trusted by the people by providing stable district heating services that prioritize "safety" and establishing a transparent internal control system.

As a public energy company that takes the lead in creating public interest, we will strive to become a company trusted by the people by actively practicing integrity, win-win efforts, and social responsibilities.

We hope that you will keep an eye on Korea District Heating Corporation's continued growth as a 'warm and clean energy partner', and we ask for your unwavering interest and love in the future. thank you.

CEO of Korea District Heating Corporation