Ethical Management Activities

Ethical Management Activities
· Project to Support Human Resources Development in the Baekchon Area - Training talents at Yemi Elementary School in Gangwon-do · Construction of residential facility for the elderly living alone · Continuous operation of the KDHC Happiness Sharing Group - Supporting the underprivileged, such as the elderly living alone. - Participation in the movement to build house of love, etc. ·Strengthening environmental responsibility - Publish Environmental Report - Development and utilization of new renewable energy - Registration of greenhouse gas reduction projects, etc.
· Signing the integrity contract for executive duties · Operation activities of the Public Corporation Integrity Social Council · Spreading integrity messages regularly · Emphasize ethical management in monthly events, etc. · Receive integrity training for management · Operation of Direct Integrity Lounge
Executives and Employees
· Operation of ethical standards and system maintenance · Acquire certification for the anticorruption management system (ISO37001) · Ethics experts Operate (Ethics Helper, Integrity Guardian) · Operate the Help Line and Public Service Reporting Center · Conduct integrity ethics education for employees · Designation of Ethics Management Week and implementation of events · Hold an integrity meeting
Partner companies
· Implementation of the integrity contract system · SMEs and small businesses support projects · Launch the 'No Giving, No Receiving Gifts' movement · Educating partner companies and holding meetings · Conducting a satisfaction survey among partner companies and a regular status survey
· Continue the operation of the outside director system. · Operate the Executive Promotion Committee · Notify Management information · Disclose the board of director's meeting minutes · Implement profit sharing
· Operate the CS Management Committee · Strengthen verification procedures when adjusting heat charges · Operate the VOC system · Operate the information disclosure system for customers · Perform free inspection of customer facilities and technical guidance · Conduct a customer satisfaction survey · Notify customer service site performance