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As a public environment-friendly energy corporation for the people, Korea District Heating Corporation will faithfully implement the following in order to provide economical, high-quality local cooling, heating, and electricity in a stable manner and realize the happiness of the people.
  • One, we will provide high-quality local cooling, heating, and electricity with the best technology and capabilities.
  • One, we will contribute to stabilizing people's lives by providing reliable eco-friendly service to promote people's happiness and maintain reasonable rates.
  • One, we will always listen to the voice of customers and continue to improve customer service, and we will carry out customer requests quickly, accurately and kindly.
  • One, as a public company for eco-friendly energy, we will continue to make efforts to save energy, improve the environment, and fulfill our social responsibility.

To keep these promises to our customers, we will prepare specific standards for service delivery.
We will faithfully implement this and make it public so that we can check the results regularly.


CEO of Korea District Heating Corporation 황창화