Safety Management Charter
Safety is the most important foundation for protecting the lives, health, and property of the people from various risks such as disasters, accidents, and crimes. All citizens have a right to safety, and establishing a safety culture is essential for the happiness of the people and the future of the nation.

In response, we pledge the following:

  • One, all citizens shall comply with the safety rules and actively practice safe living in various fields of society, including home, village, school, and workplace.
  • One, the State and local governments shall establish comprehensive safety measures to guarantee the basic safety rights of the people, prioritize investment in safety, and give special consideration to children and persons with disabilities as well as the elderly.
  • One, volunteer agencies, civic groups, and experts shall actively participate and cooperate in accident prevention and rescue activities, safety-related research, etc.
  • One, educational institutions, such as kindergartens, and schools, shall educate the people to have a proper sense of safety, especially to develop the safety habit from an early age.
  • One, the company shall implement safety first management and actively try to prevent accidents by eliminating risk factors.

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