Definition of environmental management system
A system that defines the organization, responsibility, procedures, etc. for establishing eco-friendly management goal and efficiently allocating human and material resources to manage them.

Operating Procedure for Environmental Management Systems

Operating Procedure for Environmental Management Systems
  1. Promotion plan
  2. Environmental Management Committee
  3. Progress Report
  4. Internal environment inspection
  5. Review of renewal/post management
  6. Continuous improvement

Implementation effect

  • Cross inspection of compliance with environmental laws and preliminary inspection of facility operation to prevent potential environmental and safety accidents.
  • Contribute to environment improvement by making appropriate investments in environmental facilities and raising interest in environmental management by organization members Reduce cost by saving energy, reducing waste emissions, etc.
  • Improving the objectivity of public relations by evaluating environmental management by a third party.
  • Strengthen consumer marketing capabilities as an eco-friendly company.

(Reference) Details of major tasks of environmental management system

  • Establish implementation plan for environmental management, performance analysis, and education plan
    • - Evaluate and analyze the implementation plan established according to the environmental management plan management procedure, establish an education plan and manage performance for each department
  • Hold Environmental Management Committee
    • - Periodically review to analyze the suitability, feasibility and effectiveness of the environmental management system
  • Analyze the performance of environmental management implementation
    • - Comprehensive analysis of environmental management performance and management review data by each branch office, investment cost in environmental areas, and environmental improvement effect by sector
  • Conduct environmental impact assessment
    • - Conduct environmental impact assessment to minimize environmental pollution by identifying and managing major environmental impact factors in our corporation and conducting it every three years.
  • Education and training
    • - Implement revised environmental documents dissemination education and external consignment education
  • Conduct in-house environmental inspection
    • - Conduct in-house environmental inspection for the efficient operation of the environmental management system and self-inspection to supplement non-conformities
  • Revise environmental document
    • - Reflect the recommendations of follow-up management review, the revision of manuals, procedures, guidelines, and regulations registration documents is promoted.
  • Inspect external examination
    • - Conduct after consulting with the certification authority (Korea Standards Association) on the inspection target branch and schedule.