• 3. 여성,신중년, 청년 취창업 Social consideration class Supporting women, new middle-aged, and young people in getting a job and starting a business

    To create jobs for various classes of people who are having difficulty finding jobs, we support matching with job-seeking companies and creation of start-up infrastructure.

  • 2. 청년소셜벤처 Youth Fostering youth social ventures and social enterprises

    In order to create a venture ecosystem that will be the driving force for innovative growth, we are fostering venture companies in environment-friendly and energy sectors linked to the corporation's business such as market expansion and consulting support.

  • 15. 쿨루프 Youth Training jobs for young people in Cool Roof.

    In order to prevent heat wave damage among the socially vulnerable in the dosshouse village, the temperature of the building is lowered through the construction of Cool Roof. At the same time, Cool Roof Youth Builders are nurtured to create high-quality jobs.

  • 기업메세나 활동 지원 Social consideration class Supporting corporate mecenat activities

    We are conducting mecenat and cultural marketing in conjunction with public cultural foundations to develop the local culture and help the underprivileged experience culture. 

  • 6. 1사1촌 Etc Support for self-reliance of village economy with 1 company, 1 village support

    We have a sisterhood relationship with rural villages and provide village development funds and volunteer activities by executives and employees to support the economic independence of farmers. 

  • 16. 에너지효율개선사업 Social consideration class Green Remodelring(Support for energy efficiency improvement)

    We support the fundamental improvement of energy use environment such as supporting insulation, window, and boiler to help the energy-vulnerable people spend a warm winter.

  • 동계올림픽 취약종목 후원 Sports Sponsoring vulnerable games at the Winter Olympics

    We are supporting the athletes of luge, a Winter Olympic game, for its national team and the ready group to be trained in a stable environment so that they can improve the national status.

  • 11. 폐광촌 인재양성 Children Training talents in abandoned mining village

    By sponsoring English education for students of Yemi Elementary School located in the abandoned mining village in Gangwon-do Province, we are narrowing the educational gap between cities and villages and nurturing children as global talents.