KDHC realizes the value of respect for human rights


Respect and practice human dignity and value in all management activities of the Corporation


Strengthen the foundation for promoting human rights management Promote awareness of human rights and spread the culture of upholding human rights

Human Rights Management Projects

  • ㆍ Establish the Human Rights Management Implementation System
  • ㆍ Securing human rights management regulations and readjusting human rights impact regulations
  • ㆍ Improve the human rights management portal and supplement the relief system
  • ㆍ Continue human rights impact assessments and improving their results
  • ㆍ Seek the substantiality of human rights education and cultivation of human rights awareness
  • ㆍ Spread Human Rights Management inward, Internalize the Human Rights culture
  • ㆍ Spread human rights management as well as the rights culture outward