Bundang Office

Bundang Office Building exterior photo
  • Address
    • [Road base] 368 Bundang-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
    • [Street base] 186 Bundang-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • TEL
    • 1688-2488(representative number)
  • FAX
    • 031-702-2183



Bus Information by starting point - It is made up of Starting point, Bus Number, Stopovers
Starting point Bus number Stopovers
Gwanghwamun 9401(seat bus) Gwanghwamun → Expressway → Demonstration Complex → Hyoja Village
Gangnam Station 9408(seat bus) Gangnam Station → Yangjae Station → Yatap Station → Demonstration Complex → Hyoja Village
Jamsil 119(bus) Jamsil Station→Moran→Tap Village→Seohyeon Station→John Cathedral
422(bus) Jamsil Station→ Gachon University→ Yatap Station→Saemul Training Center Entrance (transfer 1151, 1150, 119)→ Bundang John Cathedral
Samsung 9407(seat bus) Samsung Station → Samsung Medical Center → Expressway → Demonstration Complex → Saemul Training Center Entrance
Sadang 1500-2(seat bus) Sadang Station → Namdong Terminal → Seocho IC→ Expressway → Demonstration Complex → St. John's Catholic Church
  • Hyoja Village → Korea District Heating Corporation: Village Bus (No. 3-1, 3-2) [1.5km to our corporation]
  • St. John's Catholic Church → Korea District Heating Corporation: 200 meters on foot
  • Seohyeon Station → Korea District Heating Corporation: Village Bus (3-1,3-2) [3.5km to our corporation]
  • Model complex → Korea District Heating Corporation: Village Bus (No. 3-1, 3-2) [2.8km to our corporation]
By subway

Get off at Suin-Bundang Line Seohyeon Station (Exit 2): Get off at AK Plaza 2F (3-1, 3-2) in front of Korea District Heating Corporation by using a village bus [3.5km to our corporation]

By car

Way from Gyongbu Expressway Pangyo Interchange
Go straight toward Model complex, Gwangju and turn right at St. John's Catholic Church passing through the entrance of Yuldong Park and you will find Korea District Heating Corporation on your left. (5.8km to our corporation)

Way from Yangjae, Suseo area
In Yangjae-daero (47th Road), pass Samsung Medical Center and enter the bridge road at the road sign to Bundang, drive about 12 kilometers, pass the first underground road, "Naksaeng Underpass", and exit before the second underground road, "Maesong Underpass" to the right, and turn left (toward Model Complex, Gwangju), go straight and pass Yuldong Park Entrance and turn right at Bundang St. John's Catholic Church, go straight about 200m then you will see KDHC on the left.